Drama in Fire Arena

After one more high scoring and exciting game Horsholm 79ers managed to take 2 very important points. After equal start of the game where Horsholm had lot of easy lay ups from several players, Randers managed to stay in the game thank to amazing 3 points performance from Mikel Nielsen. Mikel scored 18 out of first 25 points for Randers and all from behind a 3 point line.   Despite great shooting in 1st qtr by Randers Horsholm was still up 27 - 25.

In second quarter Horsholm extended their lead up to 44-31 after 2 great dunks and couple of fast break points. Rob fields had amazing full court aleyoop assist to Casper Hesseledal and also he had great dunk himself. 79ers went on half time with amazing 61 points scored and received 50.

In second half time 79ers again allowed opponent to come back in the game. Randers start playing 1-3-1 zone and Horsholm players had hard time adjusting to it. In Radners offense Bonel Colas became start of the night and ended game with 30 points. Horsholm stopped 3 point shoot from Mikkle since he didn't score any more points beside ones in 1sr qtr.

Beside great game Bonel had Horsholm was still up 13 points on the start of the 4th qtr. It looked like Horsholm can win this game easily but again from some reason they let Randers back in the game.

It was 89-85 and Horsholm ball when Atila Kovac made quick turnover that gave to Randers easy and quick 2 points for 89-87. In next offense Anders Skou  missed one free throw and on another side Bonec Colas scored both for 90 - 89. Quick foul from Randers and Brenont Butler is missing one free throw result is 91-89. Horshoom commit foul 10 seconds until the end and Ocana scores both and game is equal first time after Horsholm was leading 3 qtr.
Last possession Brenont Butler played 1:1 against Mikel Nielsens and made great cross over that gave him space for safe pull up shoot, what meant end of the game and Horsholm win 93-91.